Casino War Rules

The Rules of Casino War

The game of Casino War has traveled a long road before ending up in land-based casinos and then in online casinos as well. This is a game with a popular fanbase and which spread to Europe and North America through numerous generations of the classic card game called “Battle”. Casino War is however a bit more complex, and in contrast to its relative, Battle, involves the betting of money.

Casino War is played with a base of six decks of cards which are later shuffled. The object of the game is to gain the upper hand over one’s opponent with a high hand. In Casino War, the player plays alone against the dealer. They have to place specific initial wagers before starting the game. One should be aware that Casino War is similar to Poker in terms of the winning card combinations it features, although in other respects it is akin to Blackjack.

How to Play Casino War

The dealer and the player place a minimum starting bet.

The two participants begin by receiving one card each.

The dealer and the player then compare their respective cards.

The participant who possesses the stronger hand prevails and pockets the wagers.

In general, when the player’s hand is stronger than that of the dealer, he wins at least one time the amount of his bet.

However, when the dealer has the stronger hand, the player instantly loses the entire amount of his various bets.

Casino War Player Actions Explained

In Casino War, it is possible to execute some of the principal actions of Poker. To see what they are, you can consult the Rules of Poker published on this subject. Other possible actions are intrinsic to the Poker that is practiced in online rooms. This is particularly the case with the "Tie Bet", a transitional round that perhaps leads the player to the final showdown: the "Battle".

The Different Scenarios in Casino War

The first possible scenario is quite simple: either it is the player who triumphs or the dealer. If it is the player, he wins one time the amount of his bet. If he loses, the Bank grants him the total amount of the bets he initially placed on the table.

In a situation of "Tie Bet", the player has the option of taking two actions. He can either fold – and thus withdraw – or go into "Battle. If a player gives up, he loses half his initial wager. If he goes into "Battle" against the dealer, he has to place an additional bet equal in amount to his initial wager. The dealer then burns three cards and deals one to the player as well as to himself. If the player’s card is weaker than that of the dealer, he loses the totality of his bets. If the player has a stronger hand, the Bank issues him the entirety of his initial bets as well an additional amount. If a second tie occurs in the course of a "Tie Bet", it is the player who prevails.

A final scenario is the "Trafalgar": when the player holds an Ace of a certain suit and the dealer draws a two of the same suit, then the payout for the player is doubled.