Scratch Card Strategy Guide

Scratch cards are possible everyone’s first stint at gambling, with perhaps the exception of the main Lotto game. Fun, simple and easy to win, the scratch cards are for everyone to play and easily accessible online as it is buying card games in the shops.

There is, however, a number of benefits to playing online scratch cards via the internet than buying then elsewhere and it’s these we shall touch upon whilst we discuss the strategies behind the game.

Now it’s pretty obvious that this simple game is on a whole different platform to say blackjack or poker. There is no fundamental skill to learn or trickery. Playing online scratch cards must be tackled very differently a bit like online slots because there are many comparisons. Think of the scratch card as a single reel spin on the slots, with this in mind we can begin our scratch card strategy guide.

The comparison of online slots and scratch cards

When taking on slots, just like scratch cards, there is always a point in which to walk away and end the game, to then move onto another. Not to be thought of as negative, to the contrary, this is a very important tactic in keeping your profits intact.

The instant win scratch cards are a one chance opportunity and you can play with various levels of betting whether it’s a minimum bet or maximum, the return is subject to what amount you bet or card value you purchase.

When you play always have a benchmark of the stake you will play in total, $20 always seems a good amount.

The game will always have a default value. For this to work, never change this cost just like the slots. This doesn’t then change the programming in the games software. Basically, you play till you land a ‘big win’, simple as that now you will strike a win with a $20 budget. So when it lands bank the win and move on to the next game.

Pick the right Card

There are a few tips here. Unlike the national or state lotteries, if the jackpot is won the game is removed. If lotto scratch cards have the jackpot taken, the lotto site will leave the cards open to play knowing the jackpot is gone and taking player’s money in an unfair approach. Online casinos work differently!

New game titles are always good to play as they are free of bugs and therefore pay out more frequently.

Look out for scratch card games with are tied in with a progressive jackpot. Though rare, they do exist. So pick smart and use your funds wisely.


Odd to think but yes, they do exist just like any other casino gaming tournament feature. In the scratch card tournament, all players begin with matching bankrolls and the task is gain the most profit and create a higher balance than your opponents. This will be marked upon the leader board in real-time, so you can see where you and other players are ranked. This is in our strategy list because all players have the same odds of winning and as you’re not playing against the casino, your chances of winning are bettered.

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