Slot Machine Strategy Guide

Slot machines first appeared in the 19th century. Adored in the world of online gaming, online slots have quickly won over the fans of this pastime. At the end of the 1990s, Microgaming introduced the first online slot game to the Internet. Since then, online or video slots have multiplied to become one of the most highly played games at an online casino. To truly profit from playing at slots, there are a few tips that we are now going to disclose to you.

The Right Casino for Online Slots

The selection of online slots on the Internet is extensive these days. It’s therefore be very important to select an online casino that is high quality and boasts a big portfolio of online slot games. Your selection criteria can include its reputation, payout rates, the deposit and free bonuses the casino can offer you too, but the types of games the progressive jackpots that will be accessible to you on the slot are very important. In any case, you can try out the casino in "fun mode" in order to see what it's like before spending real money.

Wagering Requirements for Online Slots

When you play at an online casino, you begin with a bankroll that may be partly composed of a bonus. In such a case, you then will have a number of predefined wagers to place prior to being able to cash out your winnings. It will therefore be necessary for you to be able to play for a certain amount of time in order to unblock the withdrawal. Therefore, adjust your initial bets in relation to your starting capital.

Let's suppose that you have €250 to start out with; you can then start by betting €5 a round. The more you bet big, the more you win big. Once you have had a round that wins you a lot, you can start to lower the bets; for example, to €2 in our hypothesis. With the next substantial win, you can once again lower your bets, to €1, for example. The objective here is to attain a rough correspondence between your cash balance and the number of mandatory bets that have to be made. Let's assume that you have €2,000 in your balance, and that there remain 1,500 bets for you to make (generally 1 bet = €1 in online casinos); and so, even if you lose every hand, which is hardly likely, well, you would still win €500 (2,000 – 1,500 = 500)! So it is important to know where you stand with your bets and to adjust them according to your capital.

Online Slots Odds of Winning

Pay tables and odds can vary per slot game and per online casino. One thing for sure is that when you play online slots you will be spending some time on the game, so it’s better that it’s one you really like or that it has a progressive jackpot. For some players, only a few coins are needed to trigger big wins, while for others, it can take much longer. Don't get discouraged and don't change the machine if it isn't paying out after several rounds; you might land a special bonus that will suddenly effect your balance considerably if it triggers the jackpot. If you win, don't react by thinking that the machine is no longer going to give anything up. The results are completely random, so there is no memory whatsoever of previous rounds. You could in theory make a fortune several times in a row.

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