Casino War

Casino War: Let the Card Battle Commence Between You and Casino

If ever there was a niche game to be found amongst our free casino games, then casino war would and is most definitely it. It is not as well-known as it should be as it provides a level of entertainment which is simple enough to be played by the brain-dead and throws up better odds than most games within the spectrum of gambling.

Introducing you to casino war online and how you are able to play the simplest of card games

Here we present to you Casino War and all that comes with it. From this free games guide, you will read about the game as a whole, with insight to rules and strategies to help bolster your knowledge and striking power. We will also look at the available choices you have to play this Las Vegas card game for free.

Casino War, as you’ll be reminded several times is so easy to play. The game of Casino War has traveled a long road before ending up in land-based casinos and then in online casinos as well. This is a game with a popular fan base and which spread to Europe and North America through numerous generations of the classic card game called “Battle”.

Let us now look at the rules of the game before we touch upon the casino war strategy betting, which will follow after to combine both angels to help you play casino war online for money.

How to play the card game of casino war online free and the rules behind the moves of battle

The war casino game is played with a base of six decks of cards which are later shuffled. The object of the game is to gain the upper hand over one’s opponent with a high hand. In Casino War, the player plays alone against the dealer. They have to place specific initial wagers before starting the game. One should be aware that Casino War is similar to Poker in terms of the winning card combinations it features, although in other respects it is akin to Blackjack.

Here are the war casino moves that take place and then we shall move onto the casino war tips.

Casino War Rules

  • The dealer and the player place a minimum starting bet.
  • The two participants begin by receiving one card each.
  • The dealer and the player then compare their respective cards.
  • The participant who possesses the stronger hand prevails and pockets the wagers.

In general, when the player’s hand is stronger than that of the dealer, he wins at least one time the amount of his bet. However, when the dealer has the stronger hand, the player instantly loses the entire amount of his various bets. In Casino War, it is possible to execute some of the principal actions of Poker. To see what they are, you can consult the Rules of Poker published on this subject. Other possible actions are intrinsic to the Poker that is practiced in online rooms. This is particularly the case with the "Tie Bet", a transitional round that perhaps leads the player to the final showdown: the "Battle".

The first possible scenario is quite simple: either it is the player who triumphs or the dealer. If it is the player, he wins one time the amount of his bet. If he loses, the Bank grants him the total amount of the bets he initially placed on the table.

In a situation of "Tie Bet", the player has the option of taking two actions. He can either fold – and thus withdraw – or go into "Battle. If a player gives up, he loses half his initial wager. If he goes into "Battle" against the dealer, he has to place an additional bet equal in amount to his initial wager. The dealer then burns three cards and deals one to the player as well as to himself. If the player’s card is weaker than that of the dealer, he loses the totality of his bets. If the player has a stronger hand, the Bank issues him the entirety of his initial bets as well an additional amount. If a second tie occurs in the course of a "Tie Bet", it is the player who prevails.

A final scenario is the "Trafalgar": when the player holds an Ace of a certain suit and the dealer draws a two of the same suit, then the payout for the player is doubled.

A look at the casino war strategy options that can help you to improve your gameplay and increase wins

Now you know how the rules pan out you can now begin to play casino war. For those wishing to know of the casino war odds and how the strategies can help ‘bend’ the casino war rules, then please continue to read on…

Even though Casino War – also called “Battle”– figures among the simplest games of chance that exist, it occurs that even experienced players find themselves in trouble when they try their luck at this game on the Internet. In order to counter this tendency, users can count on several strategies that already have long proven their worth. We will now present you with three of them below.

Specialists in online Casino War know it: don't ever surrender in this game! The option is offered to the player when he and the dealer are unable to break a deadlock (tie). The player then finds himself facing a complex choice. Should he surrender? Or rather is it preferable that he part with half of his starting bet? Even if in theory the surrender is a means for the player to minimize his risk-taking, it seems it would be preferable to lose 50% of the amount put into play, rather than to bid adieux to the game altogether.

In this sense, surrendering is not a solution. When you forsake your bet, not only are you offering money to the casino for free but besides that, you are admitting defeat. We advise you then to choose the second option: increase your starting bet and push the dealer to his utmost limits.

When you place a "tie" bet you have the chance of seeing the first two cards cancel each other out and you will receive ten times the amount of your starting bet! To score a win and enjoy a payout ratio of 10 to 1 is tempting it must be said! But in this case, temptation is something that you should absolutely resist. The statistics prove that a tie occurs in only one game in thirteen. So the odds are not stacked in your favor at all, quite the opposite. The stats also show that in betting on a "tie", you have a greater chance of losing your money than of winning some.

The options to play casino war online free are two-fold: here with our demos and for money in casinos

Casino war online is presented in two options and formats. The first gaming option is that of the demo games. These are copies of the masters which basically have no payout after a win. They are the exact same designs and programs as found within the casino environment where they do reward in cash payouts on wins. We hold these demo games for you to experience and they come without any requirement to download additional software or apps.

The use of demo games is also a casino war strategy because you’re playing the very same games built with the same software and programming, to learn how it works and handles before seeing if you can win real money from it within a casino online.

The next option to play the game for free is with bonuses and rewards. Casino war online free through the use of promotional gifts are always available. Not many people know but the common promotions out there, like free spins through welcome bonuses, actually can be used for other games, not just slots and casino war is exactly one of them.

So you can head to our reviews to obtain these free gifts and play casino war with no deposit required and you get to keep any winnings you make.

Now you know how to play casino war, why not see if you have the nerve and steal to take on the challenge

Casino War is an online casino game that is quite approachable. If you don't take it too seriously, this diversion will bring you long hours of entertainment. When you win money at this game, enjoy the moment and feel proud! And when you lose – this is likely to occur at one time or another – accept the defeat! Getting upset or losing your temper won't change anything, and it will do more harm than good in the long run.

We have now covered all the areas in which you can play casino war online free, we have explained how to play casino war and the strategies which come with the game. Nothing more let to do other than explore and enjoy the world of casino war online free.