Craps Rules: Understand the Basics of Playing the Best Dice Game Ever

Craps Rules Craps Rules

We on from our craps guide to bring you the craps rules. Here we discuss how to play craps, well, it’s fairly simple and it follows on from our casino game rules for all the free games we hold. Craps online is a popular game begin Americans number one source of gambling entertainment. So here you will learn how to play craps along with the rules of casino craps. You will learn more with the added benefit of our free to play games and additional strategy guides to assist you. If it’s on the Craps table then you’ll be notified about it so all those terms like “come out roll”, “pass bet line”, and “seven out” will all be covered 100%.

Presenting the easy rules of craps so you can start playing the best dice table game in online casinos

The craps rules don’t vary at all regardless of the variant of game you play, its one basic rules of craps for all games featured within the wall of the online casinos. The craps table rules also apply to the many number of live table games that are available to play.

Craps rules, craps online payout, strategy and much more, it’s all here! Soon you’ll become the Don of shooting Craps when you are finished reading through our guide of casino game rules. So the first question you’ve probably asked yourself is “what are the basic rules of Craps?” Well, the basic form is throw a dice! But we’ll go into further detail than just bottom line basics. Craps rules and craps casino strategy are a bit complex, only because of how big the game is when it comes to place bets. But you’ll soon learn to beat the house edge like you’ve rolled many times before and show them with each roll who’s the boss!

So let’s get down to it.

The simple rules for craps will have you playing with enjoyment at any level inside the casinos

The rules of craps for dummies, with no offence intended but it’s a winning sum up of what we are dealing with here. You can at this stage load up one of our free demo games to play alongside this so you can visually get an idea of the casino craps rules as we guide you through the most basic craps rules here after…

So let us now begin looking at how to play craps. In Craps, players roll a pair of dice after having bet on the numbers that will be revealed when the dice throw is completed. The main object when playing Craps is to guess which numbers upon the dice will come out and land. To do this, the player can choose among many numbers and different types of bets. Sound hard?

There are more than 36 possible outcomes in online Craps, which makes this game complex and requires a certain precision on the player’s part. In Craps, there are also basic rules that need to be known if one hopes to win. Also, it is crucial that the participant rolls a 7 to be awarded the victory. Otherwise, all "Pass-Line" bets on the table will be considered losers and a new game can then be started.

Here are some tip with how to play craps at a higher level that are a bit more complex but a necessity

Many people ask “what are the rules of craps when using bonuses?” It’s a good question to which the answer is very simple. The rules only apply to the bonus itself and not how the game is played. We should include in our ‘craps rules for dummies’ manifesto all the available bonuses out there but there are just too many. But the craps rules and strategy options are not affected by this bonus gameplay. The terms and conditions of the rewards and offers must be checked before using them on a game, each casino is different so there might be some restrictions and requirement and some but not all craps games will be valid with the bonus. Just a case of double checking before putting it to use.

The game of craps is actually very easy to get to grips with as well as the craps casino rules. First, all players start by placing their bets on the table. One player rolls the dice. Once the dice come to rest, the outcome of the throw is checked and then verified against the bets on the table. If one of the players roll a 2, 3 or 12, he is said to have rolled a "Craps". All the " Pass-Line " bets are then considered losers. If one of the players lands a 7 or an 11, he instantly wins. In this case, all " Pass-Line " bets are then considered winners. If the shooter rolls any other number, it means that he has established his "point".

It’s not so much playing craps for dummies but when you see how easy it is, you will wish you played sooner

We continue this ‘playing craps for dummies’ and outline some key points that are a must for those wishing to know how to play craps for beginners. These points are incorporated in to the simple craps rules so please take note.

Players can choose among a great variety of bets during a game of online Craps. While some payouts are better than others, it all depends on the odds and difficulty of the bet. We take a look at the possible bets that can be placed to beat the dealer when playing in the casinos:

  • "Odds" Bet: It functions with Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come bets, which are applicable only on the initial throw of the dice.
  • "Field" Bet: Following the first roll of the dice, a roll yielding a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 will see the player get the victory. If a 2 is rolled, he wins twice the amount of his bet, and if a 12 is rolled the payout ratio is 3 to 1.
  • "Place" Bet: A variant that provides two options: the player can bet on a roll of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 before the 7 hits, or just the reverse.
  • "Big 6" Bet: If a 6 comes out before a 7, the player wins.
  • "Big 8" Bet: If an 8 comes out before a 7, the player wins.
  • "Craps" Bet: The player wins 7 times his bet using this form.
  • "7" Bet: If a seven comes out on the next roll, the player wins. The player can win at least 4 times his initial bet using this form of betting.
  • "11" Bet: If an 11 comes out on the next roll of the dice, the player wins. He takes it with a ratio of 15 to 1.

The right bet wins and you just have to pick the right one at the right time. That’s how to learn craps, feeling lucky?? Play now to win big money!

You’ve now completed the “how to play craps for beginners” guide so you are now ready to make some money

You can now see how easy the rules of craps are. Probably why the American like it so much. The rules for craps now learnt you can put to test what you have learned in our how to play craps guide and see if you can turn it into real dollars.

Only once you feel comfortable with the game you can take it to the main stage, live casino games with live dealers. This is the stage all players wish to be at and with good reason, the excitement and thrill is unparalleled. The casinos we recommend will have craps as an option so you can finish with the free games and select the best suited sites that are fully licensed to support the game and you as a member and yes, they have promotions to help you get started. Good luck and enjoy.

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