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Here at Online Free, we take privacy and security issues surrounding your rights with up-most importance. Here we have presented our terms of use when it comes to our services and your private information. We hope to make it very clear how our site works and how your private information is used and obtained.

1. Definitions

For the purpose of clarity, during the following terms, Online Free will be referred to as ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’, when discussing the services brought to you from Online Free

Readers of the article will be classed as ‘user’ or ‘users’, ‘followers’, ‘members’ and ‘players’.

Later on, we shall allude to the content of Online Free as a ‘public area’, site, and ‘service’

2. Information We Collect Through Our Services:

Users that take part in the services of Online Free must be made aware of the ways vital information is obtained. Also, how the processing method works when collected.

2.1 Our main aim is to provide a public area that enhances player’s experience for the product we provide. Thusly, we track the movements of the user as they make their way through the site. This helps us to build a profile of a user’s interest. Things which are popular and not-so-popular within Online Free

2.2 Person information obtained through request can constitute as knowingly providing data through services such as email, providing your full name, age, contact number and residential address. This may pertain to a legal matter or by simply registering for our monthly newsletter, as an example.

2.3 The collection of personal data can be transmitted via the I.P address of your server. This processor contains cookie data which will inform us of the sites that you will have visited before our public area and where you go after. The cookies allow us to monitor the times you visited, the duration, dates and the I.P address itself. This information can be used to interact with the user via email or if needed live chat. This again is a means to provide a thorough service to help the experience of all users on our site.

2.4 With the knowledge of supplying data and personal information, such as the newsletter example. This falls into the category of our authorized services. This means that the invited information is stored to further improve the public area and services in the future. The retained information could be a photographic I.D, gender, date of birth, email address, and the user’s full name.

3. How the Information We Collect is used

Online Free will have information on every user that passes through and takes advantage of our product. What follows are the very key points as to how the stored data is invaluable towards how we bring our service to our members.

3.1 Operational Services

The category of this service can allude to such services as email and comments. The information gathered will assist with operational development. This helps requests made by the user using this service and can lead to recommendations for Online Free for improvement.

3.2 Service Improvements

In order to maintain and facilitate our service, we use the stored information to help us analyse trends, which, in turn, allows us to better users experience, update services and improve features.

3.3 Communications

Collected data can help us to communicate to the user for administrative purposes including the following.

a. dealing with infringements, complaints or violations.

b. updating promotions and offers that exclusively relate to the product of Online Free Casino or Third Parties and passing them on to the user.

Users can opt out of these options and withdraw any contact which is further discussed in section 5 – Your Rights.

3.4 Tracking and Cookie Technology

The latest development of software allows for automatic tracking and collection of data, this helps with…

a. bespoke services, one example is not needing to re-enter previously filled forms to access the service, i.e. usernames.

b. the customization of advertisement.

c. Third-party marking and sole monitoring by Online Free

d. the submission of entries, login statuses and access to promotions.

3.5 Analytics

Online Free uses Google Analytics that allows us to measure the website traffic that we evaluate to help with all of the above. We are not affiliated with the Google service and are a legally independent entity to our company. Google can access the analytical data also and can track the movements of users on our website.

With Google having certain access we still take user privacy into consideration. Information is, therefore, non-identifiable and will only be shared if it helps technical matters become resolved.

4. Disclosure of Information

Information that has knowingly been passed to us with the full consent of the user taking part in the services we provide. Such circumstances are as follows:

4.1 Information which is Unrestricted

If a user voluntarily leaves a comment in the public area, this can be accessed by anyone else using the site.

4.2 Service Providers

Third Parties unavoidably help assist our site and as such need to work on the maintenance, development, hosting and other existing areas of the public area. Information and data are accessible but limited should it be required to carry out their duties. Third Parties are contracted with a confidentiality clause to help secure data.

4.3 Non Identifiable Information

Three key areas where auto-collected data is passed onto the third parties.

a. Reporting under compliance.

b. Marketing

c. collecting user patterns and the habits undertaken, including usage, function, content, and services that have been used.

4.4 Legal Processes and Compliance

If in such instances the law comes into play, we will adhere to jurisdiction and permitted laws to assist user’s legal rights and our own. The following examples are when we shall comply with the law:

a. liability precaution.

b. protection of fraudulent activity and unlawful and abusive acts.

c. defence in allegations by third-party claims.

d. the security of Online Free services.

e. Protecting our property, protection of self and legal rights as we do for our users, and the enforcement of contractual obligations.

4.5 Change of Ownership

If we, the service, have changed ownership through acquisition or through merger, all data will be accessible to all and new parties involved. The acquiring party will action and commit to the Privacy Policy retaining your rights.

Other acquisitions can be done through the sale of assets, insolvency and possible bankruptcy.

5. Your Rights

As a user of Online Free, you can have access to data collected at a reasonable level. This can be requested, amended or even deleted. Please submit any query on this via our ‘Contact Us’ page.

You can refuse to disclose certain information regarding personal data but this may result in a restriction in the services we offer. For example, neglecting to prove date of birth.

Unless a legal matter is in place, you can refuse the processing of information and personal data. Should you wish to make a complaint under the belief your rights have been infringed, you can refer a case to a Data Protection Officer to assist your case.

5.2 Analytical Information

Google Analytics can be opted out of by changing your settings in the provided link.

5.3 Suspending Commercial Communication

When receiving emails from our service you can unsubscribe by following the instruction within the email. Alternatively, you are able to contact us to request the action directly. The deletion process can take up to 10-days. Note that by stopping ‘commercial communication’ you may still receive information and emails regarding our service solely about Online Free

6. Third-Party Services

We are not liable for any actions taken by third parties. Our services may contain links to third-party websites and any information submitted by the user is done so at their own risk. It is recommended that you research the services of the third-party first before you disclose and communicate any information with them.

7. Privacy Shield

Our services comply under the General Data Protection Regulation served by the E.U, for the purpose of retention of personal information and data. Should there is any conflict of interest surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation, then the matter must be followed up by their appropriate department.

8. Cookie Functions Used by Online Free

  • Cookies that are essential to performance – because of the tracking software, you can experience better navigation throughout the public area. You benefit from the features of security access which identifies you as a user.
  • Service Performance – general services that would otherwise function normally can be flagged if in error. The information gathered helps see how the site works and processes data.
  • Cookies that are Functional – this is the basic text mapping that can include a user’s language, name, country or region. With these cookies, the site and service are adjusted for your needs.
  • Behavioural Cookies – the assistance of advertising. These cookies present more relevant advertisements and interests.

9. Minors and Children’s Privacy

Our services are not for the intention of minors and those under the legal age of 18 (or that stated by the laws in your country or province.) We take measures to restrict such access to our service. We inform those here, that if you are legally underage, to cease all action now and remove yourself from the services and site. If personal data is collected or you are a parent or legal guardian that feels suspicious of any action or behaviour, please contact us to remove all the data which is collected on relevant persons involved. However, we cannot guarantee that all data can be removed 100%.

10. Data Security

As standard, we adhere to industry protocol when it comes to the rules of information protection that has been submitted. Administrative, technical and physical safeguarding is in place to protect all data from unlawful or accidental loss. No data is destroyed, disclosed or even altered during our detainment. No unlawful process is actioned whilst in our possession.

Though all measures are taken we cannot guarantee 100% security so any information handed to us is done at the user’s own risk. Any breach of your personal data will lead us to contact you directly as well as the right authorities that can deal with the matter in accordance with the applicable law. If you feel that a breach has been made without our knowledge then please contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

11. Data Retention

Data is and will be kept for as long as it is required to assist us in our services. It is kept for a limited period of time and will be stored until any legal matters arise which we discussed in Section. 4.4.

12. Settings

Your rights support you in the adjustment of content settings that affect your privacy, though it must be highlighted that not all security measures are impenetrable. If any breach of our site has taken place, we cannot be responsible or accountable for any outcome affiliated to the private data.

13. Data Transfer

With all measures taken to provide a secure framework to protect personal data, we cannot guarantee that the services of third parties will match our standards. As such we can’t be accountable should failings arise on external frameworks of security. We take all the very best measures, but we ourselves cannot guarantee complete protection.

14. Data Controller and Data Processor

Under the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation, Online Free is the Data Controller which is classified in regulation 2016/679. Meaning that all and any data of the user and or users are solely controlled by Online Free This includes how the information is supplemented and to what, if any, purpose.

Online Free, however, has no legal power or involvement over a third-party business with such information pertaining to private data and the storage of this.

15. Changes and Updates to this Policy

With accepted changed in laws and practices, our Private Policy will be altered to suit the necessary requirements of how such online services should meet industry requirements. It is under strong advisement that you keep checking this policy so that you are up to date with laws and your rights.

By reading this policy and continuing to use the service of Online Free, you the user, have agreed to and understood the terms mentioned in this version of our Privacy Policy.

16. How to Contact Us

Allow us to help you further should you have any questions about this policy or any of our services. You can message us directly through our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Last update: February _ 2021