Video Poker Rules: Very Basic Gameplay that can be Enjoyed by Anyone

Video Poker Rules Video Poker Rules

It’s a very simple game video poker but the popularity brings in many new players that just have not got a clue how the game works or plays, which is perfectly understandable in any field of learning. Here we discuss video poker rules and what surrounds the concept of the game. You will not only know how to play video poker but you can practice hands on with our free games.

Introducing you to the online game and all that surrounds how to play video poker for beginners

The video poker rules are easy, for new players, we advise that, yes of course, when learning it might seem complicated but with no more than 10 minutes, you will have enough understanding to play the game. In time you will continue to play and learn more as you go, but here you have all you need to kick start you off into the right direction.

This game is very similar to conventional Poker and the combinations to make are exactly the same. While the poker player will have no trouble familiarizing himself with this game, he must bear in mind that the game is an "automated" amusement that is played on a screen. As a result, certain elements of table Poker do not exist in this kind of machine.

Through our site you can learn all the video poker rules and play the game at the same time for free

So this is now our section on how to play video poker for beginners. Remember at this stage you will not be playing live games, these are purely for the machines which are housed inside the online casinos you can join through our own website and casino reviews. So let us now look at the video poker rules.

The procedures to follow for playing this game are very simple. To begin, the player has to place one or more coins into the slot provided for this purpose. In online casinos, the player will have to simply click on the number of credits he wishes to spend. He can wager as much money as he wishes, provided that he does not bet below the minimum amount allowed or in excess of the maximum sum accepted.

Next, the player only has to press or click on the "Deal" button – sometimes one also finds a "Play" button. In land-based casinos, in order to fully preserve the spirit of the game, those machines are equipped with metal levers, somewhat like the first mechanical slot machines.

Five cards are then going to appear on the screen. The player will have to indicate the cards he wishes to keep and those he wants to discard. The discarded cards will automatically be replaced by new final cards. Finally, the screen will indicate whether the player has a winning or losing hand, and consequently the sum total that he will possibly have won or lost.

Following on from the rules of video poker, here are some actions to bear in mind for the live play

Following on from the rules for video poker we take a look at the brief action that can play out during a game which is a must when learning how to play video poker online as you do not wish to get caught out during a game when you think you may be onto a winning hand to suddenly make the wrong move and jeopardize what could return extra cash into your account.

  • Banco: When the player receives a payout via a winning hand, he may then enable a "Banco", meaning that he has the opportunity to double the sum of future winnings.
  • Double up (Double): The player can also double the amount of his initial wager. Five new cards appear on the screen. One of them is visible but the other four remain face down.
  • Drawing a card (Hit): At that point in the game, the player turns over one of the four cards remaining face down. If the card he draws has a higher value than that of the card already turned over, his winnings will be doubled.

When learning how to play video poker you have to be aware of the value of cards, here they are broken down

Part of the rules to video poker is the necessary understanding of the cards you are holding. These are the values which are the same for any video poker games rules, be it tournament gaming or live deal table games. The score of the card remains the same throughout playing poker online and in videopoker.

Just as in the regular version of the game of Poker, in this other variant players have the opportunity to form a series of winning combinations. Below we rank each hand from the highest to the lowest:

  • Royal Flush: this will consist of a 10 numbered card, a Jack card, Queen, the King, and then the Ace, all of which will have the same suit.
  • Straight Flush: this will be all five cards in same suit sequence.
  • Four of a kind: is exactly as it sounds, you will have 4 cards each equivalent of the same rank or value.
  • Full house: this is where you have 3 cards with matching values and then two matching cards belonging to another rank.
  • Flush: consists of five cards belonging to the exact same suit.
  • Straight: here you will have 5 cards in running in sequence which can be from mixed suits.
  • Three of a kind: a very easy one, where you have 3 cards from mixed suits
  • 2 pairs: here you will have one set of two cards belonging to the same ranks, with an additional pair to comprise of 4 cards, two matching suits each pair.
  • 1 pair: you will have 2 cards of the same value but with 2 Jacks in the hand.

Now that you have the basic understanding of rules how to play video poker you can win real money

Once you have grasped these simple rules of video poker and after practice you can take the wisdom to the real money games. Beside these rules how to play video poker, you also have tactics to bear in mind, the two go hand in hand, the video poker machine rules will only take you so far, so have a read of the strategy page to learn more about the machines you are playing specifically because that’s where the money will come from and you need to break that down to get your returns from.

Play a new game and see if it strikes you lucky.

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