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Some players play for fun and others aim at becoming strategists. Through this strategies’ section, our goal was to be able to gather all types of players. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will be able to find that piece of knowledge that will help you make the difference. The most important part of understanding an online casino game’s strategy is how to apply it. We will guide through it thanks to several real life examples of how to incorporate the different strategies to your gaming habits. This will not be an easy ride for the beginners, but with a little practice on our free versions of those casino games’ everything should appear crystal clear.

  • Online Slots strategies
    Slot machines when played properly can not only be fun but very rewarding. Most people forget that by using basic strategies at slots, they can maximize profit while minimizing spend. Check out our slot machine strategy for all the tips you need to win on the reels!
  • Online Sic Bo strategies
    The ancient dice game of Sic Bo can be both fun and extremely rewarding. Knowing which bets to make and how best conserve your bankroll are key to swooping in for big wins. Read our Sic Bo strategy guide to get the big picture for when you play at the sic bo table next time!
  • Online Keno Strategies
    A popular lottery game, Keno is enjoyed by millions the world over. Being a lottery game means the odds to win are extremely low but people can still use some strategy and discipline when playing to maximize any potential victories.
  • Online Pai Gow Poker strategies
    Pai Gow Poker is an extremely fun variant of the classic card game. Knowing what to do at the right time is key to turning a profit in this game. Luckily we have some great tips and tricks waiting for you in our Pai Gow Poker strategy guide, don’t miss it!
  • Online Casino War strategies
    The game of battle or war has been played for hundreds of years and now it’s available at online casinos. People often think that such a basic game doesn’t need any strategy to play but you would be surprised. Check out our guide to Casino War and be prepared to win!
  • Online Scratch Card Strategies
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Once you are fully ready and well educated on online casino games’ rules and strategies, you will be able to grab a maximum of real money jackpots on all the best online casinos! Keep in mind, that strategies for certain games are not guaranteed to work straight away. However, you will find ways to use them to your advantage, and will ultimately win more money than usual on a variety of online casino games.