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Other Free Casino Games

There are lots of other fun and challenging games available at an online casino that are not included under the more classic sections that we have listed already. These types of games can be classed as gambling games because they feature some sort of betting system and are still games of chance. If you get bored of playing the regular style of games like slots or table games, you can try out some of these gambling parlour games which mimic video games, game shows and sporting activities or others like Keno for example. You should definitely give some of these games a try as they are incredibly fun and provide a great alternative to more traditional gambling games.

Free Online Gambling Games

Parlour style games are games of chance that do not fall into the usual categories found at an online casino. They can be skilled based games, video games or game show ports but all of them share one common factor, you can gamble real money while playing. These types of games make a great addition to any online casino and they are as fun as they are challenging. We recommend trying out as many as possible on our site because they are all free to play. This means you can check out and discover some amazing casino games without spending your hard earned cash!

Free Virtual Horse Racing

Virtual horse racing really took off in the United Kingdom, where the big bookmakers came together to offer their punters virtual races to bet on when there are no real horse races currently being run. They use sophisticated graphic and RNG systems to provide realistic horse races that players can wager on, as if they were watching the real deal. This type of Virtual Horse racing has spread internationally and has become a very popular game in online casinos and online bookmakers for good reason. It’s totally involved, you study form and ground type, previous race history in the same way as you do in real horse racing and then go on to make your bets once you’re satisfied you have enough info to choose a winner!