New Game Bonus

New Game Bonus

Waiting for a new game release is no different when it comes to the anticipation of a newly released movie and with all things newly presented to the public there is a promotion push to help people become aware of the event and production release.

The buzz for us casino players is the latest and greatest title that holds all the promise of being the one that will make all the difference and offer brand new exciting ways of playing and winning.

”Welcome our new game”

For casinos to get attention from us whilst already busy playing our favourite games, is to offer special exclusive new game bonus offers. These can come in a number of forms but mainly pertain to free spins, now the number of free spins can be anything from 5 free spins, 10 free spins and some casinos and developers allow up to 20 free spins. The free spins certainly give players a taste of the game and should they win from the game, come the end of the spins, the game will transform into real money mode where you can continue playing with your collected winnings.

Playing these free spins doesn’t restrict you from any of the games normal features and functions, you can still spin and land bonus features to stake a claim for big returns or jackpot prizes.

Notifications for free games

When registered as a member of the casino you are notified of the promotion and new game bonus mainly via email, when you have a link ready installed to take you directly to the game, once signed back in. Depending on the casino you are at they may notify you within your account messages so keep an eye on these. Also, there are member promotion pages that advise of all casino promo deals that are open to take advantage of.

If the new game bonus requires a specialized deposit process then you could pick up a cash bonus to play with by ‘opting in’ for the offer, you may need to deposit anything from $5-$20 to then get a return of up to 100% or even 200% extra cash.

Specialized new game bonuses

The new game bonus is not limited to conventional slot games. If the casino has their own bespoke game only accessible to its members exclusively, then the principle works with the in-house game. The game usually comes in two forms, one which is part of a tournament and the other is a special bonus game. There may be other variant but these seem to be the most widely seen.

If the game is tournament related then usually the new game bonus is the offer of taking part with a buy-in or free admittance to join the race. If the game is a specialized bonus game then this really speaks for itself but usually, to play the free game bonus to collect more rewards, you will have had to already achieve a certain number of casino loyalty points.