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Casino Software: The Powers putting Real Money into Your Pockets

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Picking up from our casino guide, we now explore the ins and outs of casino software and the providers that are the brains which provide the gaming entertainment in casinos online.

Introducing you to online casino software and the importance of the roles developers give to gambling

Casino software can be over looked by many, why would you consider it of any great importance when partaking in any gambling. However, knowing the importance can play a big part in your selection of games which many pros take very seriously. Whether it be a

live casino software provider or one making online slot machines, people do pick with an air of caution as some developers make casino gambling software easier to win from than others.

The games they make comes in many different versions. You can download straight to computer and play directly from your machine. This offers the best possible graphics and sound quality available. Other ways to play the games is by using your favourite browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari. This is done with Flash technology and lets you play straight away. The last format is mobile gaming. Game companies noticed that mobile games are huge so they make all of their games available to play on your mobile and tablet in HTML5.

The list of online casino software providers that you can experience from our Online Free site

Casino game software is pivotal to the success of players and casinos alike. When picking the casino games online software that you have on our site to your disposal, were done so with the knowledge of what tey each provide in terms of individual craft and design and for what are available to players and the casino options they have.

Here is the list of best casino software provider companies including info about games and also their bonuses and jackpots. We’ve played games from every available software house to make sure we only bring the hottest games from the best software houses! Click the links to learn more about them and the products.

Boss Media

Established way back in 1996, Boss Media were the company behind Sweden’s first ever online casino and went on to make quality online casino games for general release. They deliver both excellent service and a suite of quality games.


Microgaming are one of the most popular casino game developers and it’s hard to go to most online casinos without seeing some Microgaming software present. They also have the world’s most famous and most played progressive jackpot called Mega Moolah™ which when won turns players into instant millionaires!


Swedish Netent are a giant in the world of games developers, being one of the most popular brands of online slot and online table games providers worldwide. They have created over 400 high end casino games and are definitely currently number 1 when it comes to online slots.

Rival Gaming

Rival is based out of Cyprus and was established in 2006. Known for their early games elaborate designs, these days they make casino games that are compatible with all formats and their legendary iSlots ™ series remain still as popular as ever.


TopGame started out in 2006 and hail form the good old USA. They are known for creating over 100 quality games and also sophisticated casino operating systems used to manage entire online casino payment and affiliate systems.


Another Swede showing their brute force in the casino market. Game changers and trend makers, Thunderkick largely go unrecognised despite inspiring many others around them to copy their games. Check out some of the marvels they have created and where to play them.

1x2 Gaming

UK based designer are the masters of making one phenomenal game then hiding away from the world to then produce the next just when you almost forgot about them. With the ability to produce multi-platform gaming from sport, to arcade, 1x2 Gaming is a treat when challenging their games head on.

You have to hand the best collection of casino games software there is: it should be taken advantage of

Now, even though some of these providers make live online casino software, unfortunately, it’s an impossible task to offer up free live dealer demo games, but you are still able to play on their new online casino software for free from our site. The developers’ software for casino games are tools to use and experience from as we have touched upon through our various game guides. Though not having direct access to live games, you can learn the necessary rules with the machine games as a starter. The best strategy though is knowing which developers make the easier games to win from.

Which is the best casino software to win from and which are the ones to best avoid playing on?

Casino online software, as we mentioned can play a big role in peoples decision making. Many on the other hand are oblivious to the subtle differences (and glaringly obvious ones.) but it all matters and we shall explain the importance of knowing your online casino software providers.

From the list of casino software providers we have above, you will see there are many stand out features which distinguish them very clearly from one another. These come from the style of graphics, the number of paylines used to help wins, what kind of bonus features they use and game narratives. To make the picture a little clearer, you have developers that make games, for example, with a traditional 3x5 or 4x5 reel grid, there will be an average of 10 to 20 paylines and there is a bonus round of free spins.

Then you have those which make games with higher numbers of paylines, bigger reel numbers, more bonus features, random triggers and larger jackpots.

Which of the two sounds more appealing? Easy answer right. The more opportunity to win the better the game is to play.

Now this is obviously for the category of slots, but the same principles count for table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps. The programming of odds to win runs through all and slots and machines will only allow you to win when the program says so. There are two basic programs within the development of a game.

A player can win from a random generated outcome know as an RNG program or the users can win from the betting percentages when spending time on the machine, known as an RTP.

Again, once players learn the difference each developer uses, it then leads to favored decision making.

Experience the casino online software for real within our top recommended casinos to join

Free the true power of the online casino software by heading into the best casinos online. Get free to play machines through the bonuses we hold in our casino reviews and enjoy casino games software that will payout in real money for free.

Enjoy the best casino software with no risk and no fuss and see if you can find your favorite to win easy money from. The jackpots await!

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